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Attract Dreams Into Your Life

The Method to Attract Dreams Into Your Life: What is Manifestation?

The common point of ancient teachings, world religions, and new generation spiritual beliefs lies in the power of the mind to make dreams come true. All of the rituals mentioned by many different names, such as praying, visualizing, and benefiting from the law of attraction, actually serve the same purpose: We can attract any thought we want, imagine or believe in into our lives. Thanks to this power, we can change our subconscious, improve our self-worth and live our dreams. What is this power manifestation and how to do it?

What is Manifestation?

The main purpose of manifestation practice is to become authentic; liberation from the conditioning of their family, education, environment, or society, and live our lives according to our essence. For this, one must look within themselves and need to find out what they want most, beyond their social conditioning. Later, they break down the “imaginary” limits standing between themselves and their greatest desires, making room in their lives for all possibilities to be experienced.

Manifestation is the physical transformation of a thought or belief. The realization of all kinds of dreams is done by believing completely in the power of the mind to create. If we have the capacity to dream, we also have the capacity to experience the same desires in physical life.

What Distinguishes Manifesting Practice From Goal Setting?

Although it is very helpful for a person to set goals for themself, take the necessary actions, and be selfless, they are surrounded by the limits of logic and social conditioning. These limits lead to not dreaming big enough, always aiming for just one click of real desire, that is, to “remain realistic”. “How can I achieve this?” is under the control of your mind. On the other hand, the practice of manifestation expects desires to be fearlessly and unlimitedly demanded necessary actions to be taken in line with requests, and trust for every part that cannot be controlled. “How?” It helps to get the question out of handcuffs. Mystery, magic, and most importantly, confidence.

How Can I Manifest?

The first step is to love your authentic self and live by it. Every imagined thougtht, person, or achievement is a complete belief that is deserved and can be earned. It also entails refusing to settle for less than you deserve, removing yourself from situations and people who do not bring out your best version, and demonstrating to yourself the value you deserve and desire.
The second step is to know that good energy attracts good energy. In other words, for the mind to discover and desire true desires and for the physical body to experince them, one must have the energy appropriate to the life one imagines. According to the gravitational law of the universe, similarities attract; good thoughts bring good luck, and bad energies bring bad experiences. Any negativity that is removed from life will not be empty; the place of jealousy, shame, and traumas will not be empty. Every space is another energy; in this case, it is filled with good energy. Instead of focusing on the bad aspects of life, try to think positively. Keeping a gratitude journal, giving thanks, smiling, affirming, and most importantly, trying to think positively increases energy.
Third, you must learn to say no. Every “yes” that is said to make others happy, to adapt, to be content, to avoid problems energitically ”I don’t deserve to live my dreams.” Spreads the message. This causes the person to repeatedly encounter the mistakes he has made in his past and cannot get out of the loop.
Fourth, the authentic state must be lived in a way worthy of the power it contains. It’s taking up more space, getting out of places where you feel small, and giving the mind a space to create what it wants. Being in a bad relationship while dreaming of ideal love, working in a hated job while desiring great achievements reduces one’s self-worth. The person who feels small cannot rise to the energy of his dreams and cannot attract his wishes into his life. However, everyone can’t leave their job and partner, which they do not like at once. Instead of starting from these difficult changes that will happen one day, by taking small steps; You can increase your energy and prepare for more radical changes by speaking your opinions without hesitation, defending yourself, and making time for people who make you feel good.

Manifestation Techniques


Every dream that is wanted to be drawn into life; Visualizing them in as much detail as possible accelerates the physical form of thoughts. The more details are added to the dream, they can be physical, sensory, or even emotional, the stronger manifest becomes.

Saying Out Loud​

Social life creates a very favorable environment for desires to be suppressed, not shared, or even spoken out loud. On the contrary, it has a very powerful effect when dreams are spoken aloud to one’s mind and heart, as well as to the entire environment and the universe. It nourishes the belief in one’s dreams and increases self-worth and energy.

3-6-9 Technique​

The 3-6-9 technique takes its power from writing. It is made by writing the manifested dream on a piece of paper 3 times in the morning, 6 times at noon, and 9 times at night before going to bed. Repetition makes the practice more powerful.

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