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Journaling: Yes or No?

It might seem silly to keep a journal when you’re an adult, as usually only teenagers do it. But trust us, for people of all ages, journaling may be immensely therapeutic and has many advantages. It is not only a great way to get all your thoughts down on paper – journaling has much more power over your well-being. And here are 5 reasons why.

Journaling helps control your emotions

Writing down what's bothering you or, conversely, making you joyful, and seeing those emotions on the page right in front of you is a great way to get acquainted with your deepest fears, dreams and feelings. Writing in a diary can help you better understand and control your own emotions as you will analyze and eventually organize them.

It will help you achieve your goals

When you keep a journal, your brain is informed that something is probably essential if you are taking the time to write it down. The best is to provide more information. The likelihood that you will stick with your goals and accomplish them rises as a result because you will recall that what you wrote down was significant enough to desire to follow through with in the future.

It can make you smarter

Since keeping a journal is a language-practice exercise, learning new terms and expanding your vocabulary will raise your IQ in general. Take an online vocabulary exam after keeping a journal for a couple of months to see how much your intelligence has improved. You might be shocked by how many more words you know than you did previously.

It can increase your creativity level

Journaling makes your thoughts more beautiful as it allows the “stream of consciousness" to take its place in the process. The matter is when you're writing in a state of stream of consciousness, concepts and ideas simply stream to you, and your language and expressions become braver and more creative.

It may help you heal

One of the more satisfying advantages of journaling is probably its capacity to speed up your healing process. Writing your thoughts down can help you make sense of them since it clears away the mental haze that stress can cause and prevent you from thinking clearly. Instead of letting your ideas and feelings wander around in your head, organizing them and gaining clarity over your experience could be possible with the aid of writing it down.
All in all, journaling is definitely YES! This process is not only satisfying but also beneficial for your mental health. You can buy a beautiful notebook or use your telephone notes to write everything that bothers or pleases you. Give it a try and notice the differences it could bring to your life.

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